Friday, April 28, 2017 • 5:30 PM – 8:00 PM



*All ticket pricing is per person

Caribbean Night Celebration
Steal Drum performance by John Patti & The Cuban Connection Acrobats.
Complimentary Beer, Wine, Sangria .
Appetizers and Dinner Buffet included in ticket price

Every year, the islands of the Caribbean host hundreds of carnivals, festivals and
holiday celebrations. We invite to celebrated with Outback Oasis 1st annual
Caribbean Night celebration.

Anyone who has ever been to any of the Islands knows w Turquoise blue water, white sandy
beaches, rum drinks, and the Island beat its a fun way to relax and leave the urban word
behind. We invite you to your very own Paradise at Outback Oasis.
Join the Caribya Celebration at Outback Oasis Caribbean Night. Guests will
arrive to the  tropical sound of John Patti’s steel pan. While our guest enjoy their cocktails they will be entertained by the Cuban
Connection acrobats “Welcome to the Paradise Outback Oasis style”


The Cuban Connection has three members and they perform several acts including the Russian Bar
and the Chinese Pole. Abel Driggs, Ihosvani Cedeno and Miguel Angel Perez,Cuba natives, have
been training in gymnastics and representing their country since they were teenagers. They joined
the Circo Nacional de Cuba and started their careers in 2010.
The Cuban Connection are nationally and internationally well known gymnast in the summer of
2011 they performed the High Bar acts for the Ringling Circus.
The Cuban Connection has received great support and recognition from all audiences throughout
United States, and look forward to performing for Outback Oasis Caribbean Night.

John Patii
From Singapore to Key West, Manhattan to the Caribbean, crowds of all ages and nationalities have
seen John Patti bring the steel pan to the forefront of musical entertainment. Whether in a solo
performance or collaboration with bands, John’s intriguing stories and skillful performance leaves
long lasting and memorable impressions with any audience. John’s expressively smooth sound
elevates the steel pan from its perceived impression as just an island instrument to one of versatility
across many musical genres. Rock, jazz, blues, country, funk and even classical are all rejuvenated
when John combines them with the tropical sound befitting Outback Oasis paradise setting.


Tapas, pronounced [TAH-pahs], are popular throughout Spain in bars and restaurants
Ceviche De Gambas ( shrimp)
Steamed and chilled shrimp, marinated in lime juice and garlic, tossed with fresh cilantro, and

Empanadas de Picadillo
Our Empanadas start with Picadillo,made with spiced ground beef, garlic, tomato, onions,and
olives, wrapped in two pastry turnovers.

Dinner Buffet
Lechon Asado
“A la Caribe” Generous slices of roast pork with a delicious marinade.
Pollo Asado
Fresh bone in chicken leg quarters, marinated in garlic, oregano and olive oil baked in its juices.
Served with black beans, white rice, platanos and Cuban Bread

Spanish caramel egg custard, prepared the old-fashioned way, using only the best natural
Key Lime Pie
Our pies start with a secret graham cracker crust, and our filling is made from
pasteurized egg yolks, condensed milk and “Nellie & Joe’s” Key lime juice. That’s it! Key
lime pie is the “Official Pie of the Conch Republic ( Key West Florida)
Complimentary Beer, Wine and Soda

Celebration Partner

Family Emergency Services of Winter Haven

Family Emergency Services is a non-profit agency providing food, prescriptions, rent, utilities, and holiday assistance to indigent families in the Greater Winter Haven area. “Alleviating. Advocating. Educating.”