The Venue at Outback Oasis

As the name implies, Outback Oasis is an Eden like paradise, complete with live kangaroos, unique vegetation, all in a private peaceful setting that is ideal for truly memorable events. Located in Winter Haven, Florida – Outback Oasis is conveniently located between the major international airports of Tampa and Orlando, FL, along with the countless tourist attractions that make the area famous.

Outback Oasis features a spectacular waterfall, butterfly gardens, and our resident kangaroos Auzzie and Joey. This peaceful Australian style courtyard is located in Winter Haven, Florida .

You can host a variety of celebration including fundraisers, dinner parties, company picnics or design the fairy tale wedding of your dreams.

Outback Oasis will require an authorized representative to assist and attend all functions. Also, a terms and conditions agreement must be signed by an authorized representative of each organization. This document covers local noise ordinances and insurance requirements. Event insurance is mandatory. Security and valet service is required for events serving alcoholic beverages or with 75 guests or more.